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St Anthony East Living

Recently renovated. Good roof, mechanicals, windows, etc. High ceilings on the main, lots of natural light, ...

614 Madison Street #

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As part of the Northeast community in Minneapolis, the St. Anthony East neighborhood is a popular area for residents. It has the boundaries of Broadway, 2nd Avenue, Central Avenue and 5th Street. It covers nearly a quarter square mile of space and has about 2,000 residents who call the St. Anthony East neighborhood their home. One of the things many people notice about the St. Anthony East neighborhood is the number of churches. There are several churches located throughout the community and most of them were set up and established by early settlers to the area from the 1800s and beyond. There is a St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association which has a goal of getting residents involved in the upkeep and future of the neighborhood. Its website offers a great deal of information to keep residents informed of meetings, happenings in the community and more. Residents can also find information about where to go in case they need food, if they need a crisis nursery or if they want to volunteer for one of the many non-profit organizations available throughout the St. Anthony East community.

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